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Option to change button and screen labels

Kristen Riehle 2 months ago in Digital Asset Management updated by petra.tant 2 months ago 4

DAM administrators on my team would like to have the option in Aprimo DAM's settings to change the labels on buttons and screens to make them more intuitive to users. When we discussed this topic in a recent call with Aprimo, Joris Wynendaele said it would be a product enhancement, but potentially Aprimo DAM's localization framework could be leveraged to allow changing button/screen text.

Our specific use case would be changing the "Make [X] Available" button on "My uploads" screen to "Tag [X] Assets", and on the "Make [X] records available" screen, changing the page header to "Tag [X] Assets" and the "Make available" button to "Send to Cataloger". Because we want to have our Catalogers add additional metadata after upload but before the records are available, the current “Make Available” button would not actually make the records available and could cause confusion. Renaming the buttons would make the process more intuitive to the users who upload assets. If you need any additional details on this request, please let me know.

UX Ingestion / Upload
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It is not possible to override our default translations.

In the content workspace (the new DAM UI), the action framework allows to configure the name of the action. We are currently redesigning the myuploads functionality for the new user experience, and in this experience the 'make available' action will become such a configurable action, so you will be able to configure this action name to something else. The 'release' action will probably just be a 'save', so for this you will probably not be able to make a change. 

I will put this voice request on 'in progress' as this is related to the redesign of the myuploads, which we are currently working on during summer.

Thanks for the information, I think using the uploads page in the new DAM UI could potentially work for us. For clarification, would the redesign change the uploads page so the whole process can be done in the new DAM UI, including metadata tagging? Currently in the new UI, I'm able to upload but not tag metadata or make records available.