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Create a link for the Project Roles Tab

Jonathan LaRose 2 months ago in Productivity Management updated by Diana Fournier 2 months ago 2

We've recently started to create multiple Project Activities to improve system performance for complex workflows and to assist in collaborative teamwork throughout the enterprise. That solution works very well and is something we will continue to develop.
There is one issue with the multiple project per activity approach. Full Users (PM's) are confused with the location to change the task assignee under the roles tab. They're changing the role in the Activity Roles tab but that doesn't change the team template applied at the Project level so they think the system failed. With multiple project activities, they need to change the role at the Project level and in the Project Roles tab. 
I think this can easily be solved with providing them a link to the Project Roles tab in the DCT just like we see with the Activity Roles tab. They can continue to select the link in the DCT to change roles but a new link would direct them to the Project Roles tab. They wouldn't need to have Admin level knowledge and would easily get the results they need.
We will continue to train them but this would be a much improved user experience. Thanks. 

Not having seen the Project Overview EAP yet, that sounds like it would work for us - as long as when it takes them there it's all editable (based on user permissions anyway).

In Review

Jonathan, if the Project roles were a panel on the Project Overview page, and the Project Title in the information panel took you to the Project Overview page, would this solve the use case for you?

If so I can move this idea to the EAP forum for Project Overview as they is something in our plans for that feature.