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Adam Asar 3 months ago in Digital Asset Management updated by petra.tant 1 week ago 7

Since the preview functions for additional files under the same record works only for JPGs, PNGs, and GIFs, the user wants to add TIFs the same way and they can not. if adding additional file formats is not possible to add to previews, at least is it possible to provide previews to the files that have been added to the same version by using ad a file function? 

Also since additional files can be views one at a time and there is a dropdown, can it also be possible to show a tiny preview next to the file name similar to the search box where you can see the image and file name next to each other?


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When the user wants to add more files to the existing records. you would like to see their previews side by side instead of going into each file to view them. Each record may have different variations of different views of the same object such as from, back, and side views.

What is your main object?

So if you want multiple previews (angles) on your main object, you should upload them as a preview file format JPG, PNG, GIF.

If you have different pictures which are TIFF, then they are not considered a preview. I would then suggest to upload them as separate assets and link them back to the master file using a relationship. This way a preview will be generated of the TIFF.

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In Review

The image  'preview' of an asset can only be JPG, PNG, or GIF, because other file formats such as TIFF cannot be rendered in a browser.

Today we have no 'previews' for additional files, only for the file of the record. 

Can you explain the use case a bit more, because we don't understand the description. Can you also explain what drowdown you are referring to? We are assuming you work in Asset Studio?