Adding Metadata from an Activity to a DAM Asset

Laurie Renshaw 2 months ago in Productivity Management updated by Gerda Oppewal 2 months ago 1

Use case: Task assignee uploads a document through the assigned task into DAM. There are a number of activity/project level EAs that need to map over to the asset, and will do so when the task is closed. However, after the user uploads the document into DAM, from their task they click over to DAM to enrich the asset with metadata. Because the task is not yet closed, the activity/project level EAs have not been mapped over yet. It would be helpful if the passing of metadata could occur between the time the document was uploaded and when the task closes. Perhaps a new status action that runs when a file is uploaded to DAM through a task. Or the ability to use activity/project data in a default value reference.

In this particular example, the task assignee is instructed not to close their task until the asset is enriched with metadata. What ends up happening is they are manually entering a number of activity/project fields (they are required fields) on the asset in DAM that are then mapped over once the user completes their work items and closes the task; causing redundant work.