Off set date calculations to take into account non-working days (ie work schedule)

Roland Drane 3 weeks ago in Productivity Management updated 3 days ago 2

When setting for example a project end task to fixed end minus one day from activity begin date, the calculation should take into account that possibly the -1 day is a week-end day (or a public holiday) and therefore set the -1 day to the earliest working day.  This request is also applicable to workflow start tasks where calculations on off set to a particular date, do not take into account the work schedule (ie week-ends & public holidays are counted as working days in the calculation).

This causes severe problems with some customers and does not provide the functionality that is expected: defining end and start dates whilst giving consideration to work schedules and thus enabling automated workflow starts.


Would you always go "earlier" until you get to a working day?  Meaning if the calculation is -5 days and that puts you on a Sat you move to the Friday before but what if the offset is a plus (+) and not a minus (-).  If you want the task to start +5 days and that puts you on a Sat should you still move backward to Friday or should you move forward to Monday?

We would have to use our Work Schedule as the reference for whether to skip weekends and the customer would have to also block their holidays on that work schedule as well.

I would make this an optional setting though as I can see some use cases where you would NOT want to have this done.  So I would see this as a new setting when configuring a fixed date task like "Use Working Days Only" and if set to "Yes" then we skip weekends and holidays.

Yes, the two use cases which I have are "minus cases" where we would want to go earlier.  The objective is to only take working days into account as defined by the work schedule.  I appreciate other users need to take actual/calendar days into account.

Case 1: End date of project defined as minus one day (working day) from source,  so as you describe, if that takes you to a sunday; you move to friday.

Case 2: Start date of project is set at a fixed source minus x days (these x days are working days, not actual/calendar days).   

I don't have use cases for positive calculations but my gut feel would be to take into account working days ie: if +1 puts you on  saturday, then you would move to monday.