REST API route for Currency Exchange Rates

Kelly Reilly 3 months ago in Integrations / Connectors updated by Tarun Chawla 2 months ago 4

Would like to have a REST API route for Currency Exchange Rates.

This would enable our organization to implement a consistent and streamlined integration approach across each of our business applications for exchange rates. An API-based integration is preferred over file-based integrations going forward for better data validation, error recovery during data transfer, and fewer drawbacks for more complex or demanding requirements.

Hi Kelly, most of our customers who do autoload these rates perform it via flat file simply because they can only effectively be updated at most once per day, since they will at earliest take effect the following day. The loaders we create have full logging and error visibility in the UI as well. Are there specific gaps with the flat file loading, or is there just a general preference to use REST APIs?

Hi Tarun, it is a preference and a direction/change our organization has made across a number of other business applications.