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new UI - allow to hide the new upload functionality '+' sign as long as not usable for all customers

maygret.sternberger 2 months ago in Digital Asset Management updated by petra.tant 1 month ago 4

In the new UI a new functionality behind a "+" icon within the main navigation to create new assets was enabled for all customers.
Since this is not yet working for all customers ( see CS0031034) and the final implementation need some more months I would recommend to provide a way to let customers decide when they will promote this new capability to end users. This could be a feature flag, setting or permission, etc.   

Content Types / Metadata
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We will accommodate your request by adding a feature flag to suppress the create content item (plus) in the menu bar.

Agreed. We have several customers that think the "+" is to upload assets and we have only turned on the new UI for consumers.  Plus, we have not defined all of our content types yet.