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Automatically adjust End Date for "In Process" and "Assigned" tasks when using ALAP with Fixed Date / Dynamic configuration

Michael Scott 3 months ago in Productivity Management updated 2 months ago 2

When setting up ALAP configuration in our workflows, I set the end dates to an appropriate EA date with a fixed date that was dynamic. The intention is to adjust the task due dates when the EA date field was adjusted.   All tasks that were in a Projected status adjusted appropriately, but tasks that were in In Process or Assigned did not adjust.   

Idea:  Have tasks that are in a status of In Process or Assigned adjust End Date similar to the Projected tasks (or allow configuration to allow for this feature.

In the image below, we can see that all dates adjusted from an original 10/1/2020 date to a new 8/1/2020 date except for tasks that were already in process (or assigned), as I would have expected this to adjust back to approximately 7/14 since its  task that should take 1 day.  

In Review

Hi Scott,

I understand the ask in general but business logic can get complicated quickly.  Your example involves pulling the due date forward correct?  The Task should have a shorten end date?  So in your example, your not expecting the status of task to change right?  It would still be "in process" but we should reduce the duration of the task down based on the change? That might be something we could consider I would need to discuss it.  But the most we could is move the duration down to 0 like we do with the ALAP changes we recently made.

But what about the reverse?  If you push the date out further?  In your example above if instead of moving 10/1 forward to 8/1, it was reversed and it was 8/1 to start and you move it BACK to 10/1.  In that case your In Process task should not have even started yet right?  But it has already.  So can it stay In Process but have its end date pushed way back and its duration expanded to match?

I think that is the best we could do because we do not have a good way to pull something back from In Process to Projected.  If we move it back to Projected from In Process we do not know what the user may have done already right?  If they have already added an attachment or checked some boxes on a checklist, added work entry, do we wipe that work and set it back to Projected?  I think that gets too complicated.

Hi Eric,

I agree, that in concept the status of a task would still remain the same, still showing "In Process" and I would not think that should change. 

The challenge I really was seeing was related to the due dates for tasks;  I was thinking that the end date of the task would then just auto adjust, similar to how it does on a project task.   So for example, if the date moves earlier, the due date would shift up, but could only shift up to current date at the most, basically telling the user that they need to get it done asap.  If the date moves later, the end date would adjust once again very similar to the projected end dates and this would simply give those tasks potentially more time due to the dynamic capabilities.

With our marketing initiatives, the second scenario with dates shifting out would be way more common where we attempt to get a marketing piece out by "x" date, but because of whatever reason, it needs to get pushed out by a week so the amount of time available to users is really a little longer.