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Multiple Current Sprints or Sprints for an Activity

Adam Henderson 3 months ago in Productivity Management updated 2 months ago 10

We currently use Agile within our business, but different people work on different programs not everyone's work is going to be related to the same sprint. We'd like to be able to have different sprints working at the same time. It would be even better if we could have sprints that related just to one Activity. This would better reflect Agile. 

If you could setup multiple sprint schedules how would you set which schedule to use?  Is that a setting on each Activity?  Would it be different by Projects inside an activity?

How would you see this then lining up in the other features where Sprints are shown?  The "Current Sprint" filter in the task inbox, the option to view the Agile Board by Sprint instead of status?

For the Task Inbox view, could we put "Sprint Schedule" as a field on the users record/profile so they must align themselves to one sprint schedule?  Then in the Task Inbox we would known which "current" sprint from all the schedules they belong to?  I would hope that individual users are not working on multiple different sprint schedules right?  They would always align to only one schedule?

For the Agile Board, we could maybe just add in the configuration pop up where you pick the columns also a selection for the Sprint Schedule that the user would select and we would apply that to their agile board views then?


Hi Eric, 

I imagined this being at Program or Activity Level, I wouldn't expect our users to have different sprint schedules within an Activity so for us there'd be no need to assign projects to different  sprint schedules. 

The second point is an interesting one, for me the agile board as it becomes more and more versatile actually replaces some elements of the inbox, so I suppose I hadn't imagined it in the inbox. I see this as something we would mainly use in the agile board as the UI and display lends it's self to it, particularly in terms of seeing everything on one page. 

I can't guarantee that a user wouldn't be working on multiple programs within the business, people resource is an ever increasing luxury but I appreciate that could be tricky in terms of UI. I suppose for now they'd have to manually switch between the sprint schedules in the inbox they were working on, I don't think they'd need or want to see them both at the same time. 

Really like your last suggestion, it would be great to configure the sprint schedule in the agile board with a simple drop down. 

One more thought.  For the sprint schedule, could we infer the sprint schedule to use for the activity or project based on the Project Managers sprint schedule or the Activity Owner sprint schedule?  That way we only have to setup the link on the user record and not pick it on the Project itself?

We could also use this then on the Agile Board too.  Just show the sprint schedule aligned to that user's record?

You could do that but honestly we do have people working on different programs within the business at the same time so this would work as long as it's easy for them to switch it. I see the sense in what you're proposing though. 

How are you organized for agile?  Is someone assigned to an actual agile team or are they more still just organized by function?  Meaning the copywriters are a team or the designers.  Verses there is a team for finance projects that has a copywriter and designer assigned to it along with a PO type role (stakeholder) and scrum master (project manager) and that team always works together?

Hi Eric, 

Some of our team when working on a project with use Agile with a scrum master and will adopt full agile methodology. Others where agile doesn't quite work or there isn't resource to follow it fully may still use the concept of sprints to manage their work. 

Hi Adam, 

I was just about to raise the same issue. The way our company works with Agile is varied, and teams use different sprint schedules to others and would be more useful to us and more scalable functionality. I would be keen to see this in the near future

Great, thanks for the comment Ana. be sure to vote on it too. 

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Hi Adam,

Can you clarify this more?  We have had some feedback about allowing for more than one sprint schedule as different departments or lines or business might work on different sprint schedules.  However, I struggle with setting up a Sprint schedule for each specific activity?  That does not seem agile to me at all.  If you do that how would you plan individuals work for a Sprint?  Each activity created the owner would be responsible to decide how many sprints it needs, what their names are, etc?  Agile builds on consistency over time.  If you want to track and manage a teams velocity over time you need a consistent sprint schedule to measure against.  Maybe I am not following your ask correctly.  Would be happy to chat on a call about this if you are interested.


Hi Eric, 

What I mean is probably along the lines of what you've described. We'd like to be able to setup multiple sprint schedules within aprimo so that we can assign multiple Activities to those sprints. We'd only have a few types of sprint schedule, for example, one for finance projects, one for Marketing, Trading, enterprise wide etc.