Update "Save" to be "Save as a Draft" on Work Requests

Joe Cerep 4 months ago in Productivity Management updated by Kathy Greene 3 months ago 5

We frequently have users mistakenly use Save on Work Requests thinking it will finalize and submit the request. We have the Save and Submit options detailed in our training materials but this still comes up as an issue. It would be helpful if the Save button was labeled "Save as a Draft" specifically.

Changing the "save" button to "Save Draft" would be a nice option.

I haven't heard from my users that this is an issue, but it does appear that this could be a little clearer.  Eric's suggestion seems good


I can see the possible confusion.  Let me talk internally on this.  We might not go specifically with "Save as a Draft" but making some better distinction between the two actions seems reasonable.

I guess we thought that since the "Submit" button is highlighted in blue as the primary action people would get the difference.

Another option might be keep it called "Save" but add a pop up message on "Save" that says something like "A draft version of your request will be saved and no actions will be taken.  Please click "Submit" when ready to submit your request."

Something like that we can play with the wording.

Unfortunately, yes, there are users that get confused.  So I like your suggestion of the pop up message.  This would help clarify to our requestors what that button is doing.

Agreed on this.  We have the same issue with our users.