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Add flexibility to directly reconcile a Journal Voucher without submission

Mary Roberts 3 months ago in Spend Management updated 4 weeks ago 2

At Teradata, we are importing Journal Vouchers from a financial system in mass. Most are imported as “Reconciled” and a few come in as “Draft” Journal Vouchers when the JVs need additional action from the Financial Administrator. The Financial Administrator is then moving the Draft JVs to Reconciled.

This is currently a 2-step process [(1) Submit, (2) Reconcile]. It would be helpful and save the admin time to have a setting or domain right to allow them to directly reconcile a draft Journal Voucher.

Hi Mark, thank you for the recommendation, but this is no longer a priority item for our financial admins. They have gotten used to the two-step process. 

In Review

Hi Mary, since you have to take manual steps with those Draft JVs first, can you just edit each JV (directly make the changes) and then click "Submit" within the same page? Then once you have done this with the few JVs that you need to edit and submit, you can use the Mass Reconcile feature and just check the boxes and reconcile those all at once. This should reduce the number of steps involved in Reconciling.