Change behavior search bar (search all OR search within space)

Patrick van Nuland | Philips 2 months ago in Digital Asset Management updated by maygret.sternberger 2 months ago 5

The search experience could really be improved by adding a selection criteria in front of the search bar to determine the scope of your search.

Now it you are in a space and you search it searches the entire database. Personally and think many would agree that it would be better if you can determine the scope of your search. So for example I open a space, by default the search will change to search to only include assets within the selected space. If you want to search all assets you change the setting to all assets.

See below a quick visual representation.

UX Search

Hi Gerda, I can confirm from our users feedback. Most of them do not understand, why we have two search fields  - one at the top level (always searching in all assets) and the second as filter "Search within". Therefore I support the request from Patrick. It would make things much easier to understand.

Hi Gerda, thanks for reply, indeed this "Search within" filter does do the trick for now, but in the overall search would improve the experience. Look forward to the advanced search in DAM UI.

The search in a space use case can be solved using the 'Search within" text filter. We may consider reworking the search bar when we pick up the topic of advanced search in DAM UI, however, the design is not set in stone and that is why we shelve this request for now.