Default Sort of Activity List Page

Mary Roberts 4 months ago in Campaign Management updated by Eric Teitsma 4 months ago 1

When viewing the activity list page, it would be nice if the page defaults to show the newest campaigns at the top of the page vs. the oldest. As a client that has been using Aprimo for the past 7 years, we have a LOT of activities and data. It can be a little frustrating to see the default view always revert back to 2013 campaign listed first when filters or views are not applied.

It is understood that there are many ways to create custom public views or sorting/filtering the data, but this requires the user to take action to apply the view or filters.  For a new user or a user that does not remember how to quickly create or apply a public view without referencing training docs, it would be super helpful to always have the newest (e.g. 2020 activities) displayed first vs. the oldest (e.g. 2013 activities).

Activity Management UX

So right now I believe the default is to sort by the Activity ID but your correct it goes from smallest to largest value so the old Activities will have the lower IDs and show up first.  I could see changing it to just reverse that sort and put the highest ID at the top going backwards.