Adding a new link on a user link card

Mary Roberts 3 months ago in Navigation and Home Page updated by Eric Teitsma 3 months ago 2

On a user link card, when adding many links, if you already filled up the visible space in the card, when you select "Add Link" you stay viewing the already added links vs. being dropped down to the new space to add the new link. This can be a little confusing to a user as there is no indication that anything happened when you clicked on the "Add Link" button. There is only a subtle indication with the scrolling bar getting longer.

It would help to be brought to the bottom position where the new link space is ready to be filled and the user does not need to scroll down:

After scrolling down, the user sees the new link boxes:


Agree this is not an intuitive design.  We will look into this.

I've noticed this too as somewhat of an annoyance and agree this is not completely clear to a user.  Maybe a bigger box or put the new link at the top and allow dragging links around to the order you want them in.