Notify assignees of activity changes

Robert Colville 4 months ago in Productivity Management updated by Diana Fournier 4 months ago 2

This was a customization we had at Safeway using Enterprise 7.5. Basically, if an activity was updated (Details, etc.) the assignees (roles) would get an email of what the change is.

We don't update Activities or Roles/Teams on Activities after the request gets first submitted so we would not want Activity level updates.  Project level ones.... maybe?  but I totally agree with you Eric, we wouldn't want noise there either or else they won't listen to any of them.  I liked your two examples about task assignment and replies to chat.


We are working on a system level "Notification Center" that would be a panel accessible from the header bar.  The system will post key messages there to users like "A task has been assigned to you" "Someone replied to your chat", etc.

I could see adding a notification in that list that might say "Activity XYZ was updated" that is sent to anyone assigned to a role on that activity or maybe on the Edit ACL.  

But the concern I would have is this could create a lot of noise possibly to users get a lot of "This has been updated" notifications.  Would be curious to have other customers add their thoughts about something like this?