API driven in-app notifications

Glenn Britting 4 months ago in Digital Asset Management updated by Gerda Oppewal 4 months ago 4

API driven in-app notifications for DAM so that webhook and pagehook driven and asynchronous processing (integrations) could result in an in-app notification to let the user know a status is processing, complete, or failed.

API Notifications

Hi Gerda,

The specific use case I have is; upon record creation we need to call an integration that can take 5-15 seconds to complete. Once the integration is complete we want the user to review data that got changed via the integration. So instead of the user having to sit on the view asset screen and constantly refresh the page to see if the integration completed, if we could notify them with an in-app notification they can proceed with other work and then when notified review the asset changes.

I could see this being useful in a lot of other scenarios where an async integration is running and there is a need to notify the user about the status of the integration.

In Review

Hi Glenn, can you please provide some examples to help us understand what you are trying to achieve?