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Include Activity Title within Resource Capacity

Alex Gregorio 4 months ago in Productivity Management updated 2 weeks ago 3

Is it possible to include Activity Title and ID to the Resource Profile? Currently, we utilize Activity details so all of our projects are titled the same and it doesn't provide any Activity information. We are unable to utilize the reassign feature within the resource profile due to not being able to identify the Activity info. 

We have released the feature below.  Can you confirm if that will meet your needs by making the Project title match the Activity?

Hi Eric,
At this time, we are looking to keep the template name as the default for our project titles. It's how we've set up the criteria for most of our reports.

In Review

Hi Alex,

Once we release the feature being worked on in this Voice entry


You can then setup the system to have the Project title be a copy of the Activity title (assuming they are being created from business rules, which I assume since they are getting the template name today) which would then make this more usable I assume?