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Ability to update Document Layout tab via Worksheet to Add New or Version existing DAM Assets from Task

Alyssa T. 3 months ago in Productivity Management updated by Eric Teitsma 2 weeks ago 2

The task worksheet allows you to "override" the Document Layout tab so that you can provide a task owner the ability to upload a new Activity Attachment and/or version of an existing Activity Attachment.

It would be much more efficient if we had the same flexibility when it came to Assets within the Activity itself.

At times our users need to upload a new version of an asset they provided (from their local drive) or they forgot to provide something and need to do so on a downstream task. Once a project is loaded to an Activity, there is not a way to give this ability to the task owner once the workflow is in flight.

There is the ability to allow uploading FROM THE DAM on an ad-hoc basis but not the ability to upload from their local drive and/or upload a new version of an asset they previously provided.

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Following up on this.  Did my reply answer your question or did I miss understand the use case?

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Hi Alyssa,

I believe you can do this.  I just went into a demo environment and added a new simple task from the Task Worksheet in a project where I had already uploaded a DAM asset to an earlier task, then I edited it and in the document layout and made sure it was checked to "show documents from previous steps" and I added an upload document option and picked Aprimo DAM as the category and the set a type for it.  After adding this and then starting the task the document layout page looks like this now.

Then when that task showed up for me in the Task Inbox and I can see the Aprimo DAM asset from the previous task that I loaded (EPA Fish Advice) below and then on that file in the 3dot menu I have the "Add Version" option.

I also have another panel on that same task that is available to the user to upload a new document and I have both choices to Select from DAM and Upload from local drive.

I believe this is what you are asking for correct?  Or did I misunderstand and your ask is something different?