Allow System Administrators to Participate in Project-Level Chat Boards by Default

J.B. Lewis 3 months ago in Productivity Management updated 2 months ago 3

System Administrators should be able to participate in Project-level Chat Boards without explicitly needing to be added to a Task (even one that never fires / is assigned).

Can i also check if you have given your System Administrators the new Chat domain right known as "Chat, Activate"?  This is a separate chat right which gates whether the person has the elevated chat right to create chat boards etc. it operates sort of like a mini chat administration right.


Yes, we have. Unfortunately, the Chat, Activate Domain Right has no bearing on our ability as administrators to participate in Project-level Chat Boards.



Whilst not a specific reply to your direct ask, I just wanted to draw attention to a few developments that have gone into the product, or are about to which may assist in not only this regard, but generally in terms of rights and access to chat.

Firstly Chat, Activate domain right is now in, which allows for gating of the ability to create chat boards.

Secondly we are soon to release a new feature addition around additional chat users.  You will as part of this be able to:

Tag any user in the system using type ahead.  It will show you ten closest matches as you keep typing out the user and any tagged users within a post who do not already have access to a given chat board, will go onto an additional chat user list, which allows access to chat without requiring elevated rights on a given Activity, Project or Proposal.

The blue tag icon will also be modified to become "Tag existing chat user" and will target those known to already have access to the board, either through standard rights or the additional chat user list.

Each Activity, Project or Proposal will show new tab when you open it called Chat Access.  You can add/remove users as required using the controls available, thereby also granting them access to chat without giving elevated rights onto the object in question.