Views (Assets UI) vs. Dynamic Collections (New UI)

christopher.fredrickson 3 months ago in Digital Asset Management updated by Laura Fu 2 months ago 6

It's my understanding that views (in the assets UI) is basically the same as dynamic collections (in the new UI).  Both built off of metadata.  Since a lot of our users create and use views daily and they are linked to many intranet websites, when we shift to the New UI, will those come over as dynamic collections?

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Any thoughts on how to communicate to al users using Views today?  Taking them away will be a hard sell. 

I have just begun the process of rebuilding our environment in the New UI. Am I reading this Voice Request correctly that the Saved Views in our DAM (Asset Studio) do not carry over to the New UI? Like Christopher mentioned, we have many users who rely on Saved Views for dynamic searches, and many of our communications link to these URLs for dynamic results. What is the best approach for manually transition that work?

Hi Petra - so what's the process for all users that are using views today?  Is there a way users can re-create dynamic collections based on the setting of their views?  Thanks,

Hi Christopher, currently we don't offer a migration from saved views to dynamic collections. However, the search expression is logged in the Search log on every access to the saved views.


The saved views on the Power Workspace (Assets) are actually combining the search query with the UI settings. The view also shares how you look at the result set (example sort and view settings). In the Content Workspace (DAM UI), the dynamic collection is more a pure saved search and does not include the UX settings. The two are different and you will not be able to see the Saved View in the Content workspace.