Bold mandatory metadata fields

christopher.fredrickson 4 months ago in Digital Asset Management updated by petra.tant 3 months ago 3

When uploading a new file(s), users are not notified that fields are mandatory, until after they hit save.  Can we highlight mandatory fields as users are entering metadata to avoid this issue?  This is happening in the Assets UI.  Not sure if this is the case with the New UI (although we are not giving contributors access to the new UI just yet).

UX Content Types / Metadata

I will close this now.

In Review

In the Power workspace (assets) mandatory fields should show in red. Other validations happen on save.

In the Content Workspace (new UI) we mark everything which is optional as 'optional' and mandatory fields are not specifically marked,this experience you will see being introduced overall throughout the system and is more aligned with accessibility guidelines.

I'll keep this one on 'in Review' to give you time to respond. But as we have a changed behavior in the Content Workspace, I would close this.