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Add "Cancel" as a selection to the Activity Status base field options

Christine Mellick 4 months ago in Productivity Management updated 4 months ago 2

Currently, the Activity Statuses available are either Open or Close.  We have a 1:1 relationship with our Activities/Projects.  If a Project is canceled, we'd like the Activity Status to also reflect that is was canceled as Close does not accurately reflect what is being done to the Activity.

We are asking for a 3rd option to the System Status of "Canceled".  The Closed status already there does not accurately reflect when an Activity is Canceled.

Yes, I understand the Activity Type Statuses, but those are not the Statuses we see on the Activity Details page. They should correspond.

In Review

Just to clarify, the Activity Type Statuses are customer configurable so you can add a "Cancelled" option into the Activity Type Statuses.  I am guessing that what you are referring to is the System Status.  Each Activity Type Status is mapped to a system level status of "Open" or "Closed" and changing the Activity Type Status value will then automatically change the Activity System Status to the value it is mapped.

The thought here is that you can then configure your Activity Type Statuses to have the values that fit your business.  For example, if you want to have the choices of "Closed, Cancelled, Rejected" all to be statuses that mean the activity is done then you create those at the Activity Type Status level and then map all 3 of those to the System Status of "Closed".

Does this solve your use case or are you really asking for Aprimo to add a 3rd option to the System Status of "Cancelled"?