Would like WMV file format as an option for video conversions -- preset and custom

NGC Governance 3 months ago in Digital Asset Management updated by Gerda Oppewal 3 months ago 4

We have some internal customers who still need WMVs.  Thank you.

File Types

Petra, We have some closed networks in our company who are not on the latest and greatest Office tools.  This also applies to some groups who are on our network.  


Thanks for your input, but the tooling we use for conversion does not support this output format and we don't have plans to introduce new tooling for legacy software. 

In Review

We have no plans to reintroduce WMV as an output format. Why would you still need WMV files specifically. We have opted to convert to MP4 because this format guarantees to work on all operating systems and all browsers. With the older formats like WMV users may run into problems.