Ability to change the access list via API call

Gauthier Radart 4 months ago in Integrations / Connectors updated by Tarun Chawla 2 months ago 2

We would like to populate the access list via API call, but it is read-only so we can't change the access list.


Hi Gauthier, please provide some additional detail here. Business rules are our recommended way to set access lists on activities in an automated fashion. If that is not sufficient please let us know why. In the mean time I am shelving this request.

In Review

Hey Gauthier, I think I had spoken to Dean Rosengren a bit about your use case. Am I correct in that you are creating activities via API calls and want to also automatically populate the access lists for these too? Have you investigated whether business rules can work for (which can automatically run and apply access lists on the creation of an activity) instead of doing this via the REST API?