Preview Audio Files

christopher.fredrickson 4 months ago in Digital Asset Management updated by petra.tant 3 weeks ago 4

We would like to be able to preview audio files in both Assets UI (old UI) and New UI

  • In OLD UI, I opened around 10 random MP3 files, all had previews in them, when opening the same file in NEW UI their previews were not supported/visible.
  • For .wav files, both OLD and NEW UI had no previews in them.
  • I tried manually uploading a sample MP3 file (OLD UI), preview was available automatically and can be played (there was no option to choose whether you want to have a preview or not), but in NEW UI the preview wasn’t available.
  • I tried manually uploading a sample WAV file, preview was not available for both OLD and NEW UI.



    File Types

    No updates for now.

    Any update on this?  I just got a requires to host podcast files in Aprimo.