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we are storing a lot of relevant files in the additional files. A field to see them with the option for direct download is something our users are missing in the NEW UI - we would love to see that field there!

UX Fields / Attributes

Hi Petra - thanks for getting back. For us, the urgently needed function is to easily download specific/single additional files and to also see what's there without downloading. Can you share more on how this "download actions" look like and if they are available for single items in the additional files?


In the Assets Studio, this is not a problem because the additional files can be easily downloaded as single items at the bottom of each record. Exactly this function we'd love to see in the New UI. 

Use Case: We upload video and graphic packages on a weekly basis. The "main video" is the main file, other formats of this video are stored in the additional files. Users need single items stored in the additional files and they want to see what's available without downloading them. 

Example: Record's main file: Video in 16:9 format 
Additional files: 16:9 cleanfeed, Square format, Square cleanfeed, Vertical format, vertical cleanfeed, music, script, project file etc. A user wants to use the square version - he/she just downloads this single items directly from the additional files after checking what's there. Ideally, they would see a list in the new UI exactly as it's there for the Related Assets!

Problem: As video files are very big, downloading the whole package of additional files is not a solution. Also uploading them as single records is not a solution for us, because sometimes we would have 50+ individual items for a package with only 5 "main videos". Going back to the Assets Studio view and scrolling down all the way just to see what's there is not user friendly, users won't find and use our content. 

I hope that helps and I am looking forward to hearing more about the developments!




Hi Lydia, please check as well the documentation on https://training3.dam.aprimo.com/assets/webhelp/adamhelp.htm#Admin%20Guide/ConfigUI/ConfigDamUIActionMenus.htm or reach out to Professional Services.

In Review

It is possible to create download actions for additional files. Can you elaborate on the use case so we can learn why you would want to see these files in the UI specifically and not just be downloadable using an action?