New rule action - change content type

Ekaterina Turnaeva 4 months ago in Digital Asset Management updated by petra.tant 3 months ago 5

We would like to request a new action on a rule to update the content type. We cannot use the setting from file extension to default the content type as the files are ingested into a master file extension, which is different than the upload extension.  

Further, users cannot easily update the content type on upload (a bit hidden under the Make Available drop down).  The only way to change the content type if you do forget to update it on upload is to run a maintenance job.  

So, if we could create a rule for all files placed in a specific classification, to update the content type, that would be helpful.  Thanks.

Content Types / Metadata Rules / Actions

This is going out in DAM release 138.

This sound interesting.  I don't know much about the new content types being used. IF someone can send me some information, that would be great. Christopher.Fredrickson@se.com

We're currently working on a specific section around content typing and data modeling. This should become available in the upcoming weeks. 

Absolutely agree.  I just trained our catalogers on the maintenance job yesterday and it was definitely perceived as not ideal.