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In Chat don't allow posting unless a user is tagged

Robert Colville 4 months ago in Productivity Management updated 3 months ago 2

Because of human error and people forget to tag the person, could we make a setting where the POST button unclickable until at least 1 person is tagged. 

In Review

I personally would not agree with this Robert.  What if you want to post a general comment to the board for everyone to see?  Something like "don't forget XYZ is coming up in 5 days" or something.  Forcing you to pick someone in order to post would then imply that message was meant only for them OR you would have to tag everyone on the project which would be a poor experience for the user?

Do you not have use cases where someone wants to simply post a message to the project and not a specific set of poeple?

Well, since we current use JIRA and when a comment gets posted if a user is a watcher they automatically get an email, Because people don't always remember to tag someone, the thought here is if you have an assigned role you would get tagged automatically, if you're not assigned, then you would need to be tagged. The concern (this happened recently) is that something could sit because a user didn't go into the activity. ex. "I've been waiting the last 2 days for a response in Aprimo and I just looked at the ticket just to review the info and happen to notice that there are responses in the chat board for me but they didn't tag me so I didn't get an alert."