Sitecore connector: Possibility to browse for Aprimo assets in General link fields - solving pdf challenge

Peter Dideriksen 3 months ago in Integrations / Connectors updated by Tarun Chawla 3 months ago 1

We cannot currently search for- and include PDFs from DAM into Sitecore via the Aprimo DAM connector. The “Browser Aprimo” button does not appear (see attached screenshot) for the field type we use for this. The Sitecore field we use for linking to these files is of the type “General”.

As these fields are used in thousands of items in Sitecore, and do not use the same interface as an Asset field, we cannot change the field type.

Our proposed solution is to update the connector to include an extension to the “General” link field, so it becomes possible to browse for Aprimo assets in General link fields, in just the same way as when browsing for images. For General fields, it should be possible to link to any type of asset in DAM.


Hi Peter, 

We have support on the 'File' datatype for the Browse Aprimo button in Sitecore which is the type we offer support on PDFs on. The way this works is when browsing content in the DAM from a File field and selecting it, it's brought into the Sitecore media library and served from there.

From my understanding a "General Link" field type is a very generic type that allows a user to enter an anchor tag with a link or even a JS function. I am not quite seeing how a 'browse aprimo' button would help here, as the functionality of a general link field is to let the user create something custom, not to bring in a file or an image specifically. Assets must be brought into Sitecore to be served up as they cannot be served to a website directly from the DAM, so a URL link cannot be generated directly to an asset in the DAM. There are some other alternatives here including using our Akamai connector to generate a CDN link and dropping that into a Sitecore General Link field as well.