Allow ability to configure word wrapping on Home Page Lists, Activity Lists, Project Lists, etc

Michael Scott 4 months ago in Productivity Management updated by Matt 3 months ago 2

A nice feature would be to allow word wrapping on various lists throughout the application.  I would think this would be most beneficial if the users had this ability to customize their own views so if they needed to see a column with more than like 10 characters, they could see the information without trying to resize manually every time.  

This is a great idea, one I have been thinking about too.  Along with Mike's suggestion, it seems that any fields that have a date, is not able to be sized/re-sized at all.

For Date fields, we'd like the ability to decide if it needs to include the time.  Allow the ability for a date selection to include/exclude the time.  Please let me know if this needs to be a new/separate Voice request.

I second this is a great idea.

I also am about to submit a request to adjust/shrink the column width for fields with a date. Glad to see I am not the only one.