SingleLineText Field Type Shows Content Cut

Figuera 5 months ago in Digital Asset Management updated 2 days ago 3

The Field type SingleLineText don't allow us to see the full content even if the field has the full size allowed by the system, only when editing we can see the url inside the field.


We got fields like CDN url and Brightcove url that being a line text doesn't show the full url because of the type field space, i attached an example of the url cut as we see today in the DAM UI and the OLD UI. In the old ui shows 3 lines maximum but there are cases where the asset name (that we use for the url at the end of the url) don't allow us to see everything.

UX Fields / Attributes

Hello, i just wanted to know if it would be possible to include this in the old ui, i know that most of the voice request are going to take in consideration on the new ui, but it could be possible to make this possible?