Custom Validation to be triggered upon field assignment

Maja Pejčić 4 months ago in Digital Asset Management updated by petra.tant 4 months ago 1

Having different UX for when a field is validated as required (OOTB required field flag) vs when it has custom validation is confusing for end users. If a field is configured as required, upon opening an asset for editing or starting to enrich uploaded file, user immediately sees this field highlighted red and is aware of the fact that it's required. For fields with custom validation, the user has to click on save or make available for DAM to notify them of errors. This is confusing to end user as it's perceived as two rounds of validation and it's typically annoying to be asked for additional information after hitting save because user already had an impression that they filled in all required fields before saving.

What would be great is to have an option when configuring custom validation to define whether to run that custom validation immediately when field is added to the asset. This would give the user the same UX as with the required field validation. Second configuration option should be to run validation on save, like it currently runs by default.  

UX Fields / Attributes

Current behavior is the following:

- if you a required field we know this immediately and can notify on the field

- if you have a custom validation, we only know this on save

So we can't pop these messages at an earlier moment in time without significant changes to the DAM.