Ability to hide classifications through search

Bridget Pounsberry 4 months ago in Digital Asset Management updated by petra.tant 3 months ago 6


We would like the ability to hide certain classification from search for certain user groups to reduce confusion within the DAM. One of our main business use cases for this issue is for a WIP classification we created that we have for certain user groups that need access to work in progress records throughout a project including seeing these records within their task.

If we have the ability to hide the classification in the dam through search but still give users, the ability to use WIP assets classification within their task in the MRM it would resolve this confusion.

In order for a user to be allowed to upload through a work request or task in the MRM they need access to the WIP classifications.

Another option that would solve this issue would be a way for a user to upload an asset as themselves but a system user on the backend or as stated before Aprimo to hide the classification through search.

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Bridget Pounsberry

Classifications WIP

Hi Petra, we have created an additional WIP watermark as a workaround to prevent our users from screenshotting and using these assets while they are still in progress within a project. I think we can close out this enhancement.

So just to make sure I understood ... You would like content to be available to a user through the process but not through the DAM, correct?

We are having to implement a WIP watermark to prevent users from screenshotting WIP assets for their use before they are officially approved assets.

In Review

In Assets you can hide the classifications for the users if they are under a separate root classification (not part of a tree with classifications the user should be able to see). In content workspace (new UI), we do not 'browse' classification, classifications are shown as part of metadata and the selection is controllable through configuration.


Are you trying to hide the WIP classifications or also the WIP content itself?