Ability add and control panels in the New UI - when viewing an image, video or asset

Peter Scoins (SBD) 4 months ago in Digital Asset Management updated by petra.tant 2 months ago 4

I'm not 100% sure what has been agreed in the New UI but have been asked to create this voice topic anyway.

Ideally, We should have the ability to control what is displayed on the asset details page - alongside cropped images or videos, we would like to see panels for:

  • Configurable Field Panels - These are for fields considered outside the scope of asset details - these fields may belong to specific connectors or integrations - these would appear only if the asset uses them.
  • Additional Files - Any additional files added to the record
  • Similar Items/ Similar Faces - Although they do appear when available they don't exactly seem to fit in well with the page layout
  • Record Links - Simular to additional files, they need to be some way to show these on the page if some are configured
  • More in-depth Audit changes - Detailing what was changed by the user, making the said change - it may also need to be filterable to remove system-level changes or automated changes from specific users.

Happy to discuss these in more detail and help collaborate a list of features - If anyone else has similar features they wish to see please feel free to collaborate them here.

Peter Scoins

"British Pete"

    UX Content Types / Metadata Fields / Attributes

    Hi Peter,

    Since I haven't heard anything back about specific use cases that you could not cover, I'm closing this one.

    In Review

    Hi Peter,

    Indeed, most of what you ask is already available today, but our documentation is probably not detailed enough yet.  Underneath an example of a content object we setup for demo, to give you an idea of what's possbile.

    For the configuration of the UI layer, can i ask you to create a product question so that you get specific guidance for this.

    One thing in your list we haven't available is a panel for all additional files. We're trying to keep the new UI as non-technical as possbile. We have now ways to make the available files available for download through the action framework as we think most of the use cases are related to delivery of additional files. Would you have a specific use case for actually showing the additional files on the record which is not download related?

    Hi Peter, 
    My team here at the WTA has been using the new UI for a while and have found it quite useful.  Most of your requests (from my understanding) are already available in the system.  

    1. you can configure field panels by going to the systems menu > quick-start guides > new ui configuration > field setup
      it is all configured using json and you can manipulate them by the content type.  Also fields won't appear if there they are blank
    2. I have yet to figure out the additional files on the new ui
    3. you can edit this in the same place as field panels.  I've even added my own custom "similar" display
    4. record links work even better because you can search by title (which I found more user friendly)
    5. I've requested more audit logs here: https://voice.aprimo.com/communities/42/topics/1748-longer-track-lists-and-comments-enabled-for-assets-in-new-ui

    Let me know if you have any other questions on how we have been able to leverage the new interface.