Ideas to update the Path (breadcrumb) visibility and connection to lists

Michael Scott 4 months ago in Productivity Management updated by Christine Mellick 4 months ago 2

One thing that I have struggled with coming from other applications, is visually seeing or understanding where I am within the tool, like breadcrumb trail.  

1. Update the Path to a cascading visual so users can quickly see the path or location.  This could be directly visible on the top menu or even a quick expand button next to the path that allows users to expand. 

2. Besides the visual updates, enable hyperlinked connection between the lists.  For example, if I was in a task list and clicked on a project, it would bring me back to the project details tab.  

I also struggle with clicking the "back" button in the browser to know exactly where it will take me.  Sometimes hitting it several times to get me "back" to a particular place is inconvenient.

I'd like a combination solution of what Michael suggested.  If it could look more like how the File Explorer works (for visual, knowing where you are) and then allowing the ability to click on the part of the path you want to go back to would be most efficient.

To show how it could potentially show in Aprimo:

A great option would be to basically mirror the breadcrumb view/functionality that we can see already in the Help section which is easier to see the path and allows for quick navigation backwards.