Old UI: Preview of file in direct upload

Figuera 4 months ago in Digital Asset Management updated by petra.tant 4 months ago 3

On the edit mode, i need to be able to see the thumbnail in the Direct Uploads section in significant detail to ensure the correct file has been uploaded and provide metadata values. Right now is not possible to enlarger or even open the thumbnail viewer on that mode. There is also no option to download the file from the Uploads space, so that isn't an avenue either - besides, that's not one we necessarily want to have, because some files are quite large and we don't want to download.

Would be necessary on the edit metadata page via the Uploads provides a complete preview of the file, similar to what is provided in the Edit metadata page accessible via the tasks.

Previewing Content Types / Metadata Ingestion / Upload

We have no plans to update this Assets UI. We already have a different edit behavior in the new DAM UI. Once you will be able to manage your uploads in DAM UI we foresee that we will have covered this. As there are already separate voice tickets for the upload redesign in DAM UI, i will reject this one relating to Assets UI.

This indeed imrpove the user experience of librarians who may have a very large quantity of files uploaded.