Ability to have two columns in DCT

Gauthier Radart 4 months ago in Productivity Management updated by Christine Mellick 4 months ago 2

When you create a DCT you can set the layout in two coluns. But it doesn't show as such in the task inbox. 

It would be very helpful to be able to create sepertae columns. We use Tasks to show information (one column) and we would like to have a seperate column where the users could enter information. 

Agreed on this request.  Often our users complain about the unnecessary scrolling and the two column approach similar to the DCT setup would be useful.  We also often use a text field when we need to display specific instructions as the "?" icon is often overlooked by our users as well.

This would be helpful in general from a user experience perspective as it would result in cleaner, more compact tasks in the inbox. The use case Gauthier outlined is interesting as well. We utilize the help text but find that users typically do not proactively click the ? icon. If we had the ability to use two columns, we would consider showing a read only text field with help text pre-set to steer users in the right direction for specific EAs/sections.