package ingestion errors out on a rule/required fields

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We have had many issues with Package Ingestion process in our DAM set-up. Primarily we have a rule for certain groups when they upload assets including the INDD and AI zips, the default status for the new record is a "Pending Approval" classification. But with that classification comes the requirement to fill in metadata. A good number of those fields are mandatory/required by the system to be filled in. 

But it appears that the ingestion is not parsing out the INDD file and the links because of these mandatory fields. As soon as the system does its checks against "duplicates" or whatever it does, it errors out and ingestion fails.  We have tickets in support on this and they recommended that aside from a new patch coming this or next week (DAM 132), that we make a request here about improving the package ingestion process to account for certain rules, and some way to work around the mandatory fields and give the uploaded a chance to fill them in after parse and proper upload is completed.  Hope this makes sense. 
Thank you.

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I just wanted to add perhaps if there could at least be a pop-up type error message or an alert to why the zip parse did not occur? That would be very helpful in working on the problem as well. Having to dig after the fact in the application log when most people would not know to do that or at what point, it makes this hard. Right now it is always a blind process, it either works or does not. Majority seems to not. But perhaps of the uploader could get some obvious response wen it will not work and why, then they can work on it?  Not sure if this is possible either. Just curious. Thanks.

Currently we wouldn't be able to do this. Later this year we plan to change our notification framework which would accommodate us notifying people if a background process fails. 

Hi Petra - Can you keep us informed on this?  Package ingestion is a big feature for us, and these errors are causing a low NPS with a handful of DAM contributors

We shelved it because it is not on the immediate roadmap to change this behavior and the change has a dependency on other ongoing work streams. 

Hi Petra,
Was this shelved until after we see results after release tech support team sent me? DAM 132?