Invoice Approvals on homepage

Chris Toner 5 months ago in Navigation and Home Page updated by Eric Teitsma 5 months ago 1

Would like ability to view Invoice approval queue on the homepage.  Can a new card be added?


It is on the roadmap to add financial approval based cards on the home page.

I assume this should be a card that is filtered to be "My Invoice Approvals" so I only am seeing the Invoices waiting for me to approve?

Would you want this to be a list style card where you can select columns and quick filter or would another format of this information be better?

Would you want separate cards for each object (JVs, Commitments, Invoices) or maybe one list that combines all the approvals together?  If we combine them it would limit the columns to only the fields they have in common but would save space on home page by only needing one card instead of 3?