Include all task metadata when searching within your inbox

Kerry 4 months ago in Productivity Management updated by Eric Teitsma 4 months ago 2

As is:  When searching within the task inbox, I can only get results if the search word is within the Project, Activity or Task Title.

To be: When searching within the task inbox, I can search for all metadata within the task.

To fulfil user story:

As a DAM librarian I have a large volume of tasks in my inbox and want to search by e.g.  Brand or Therapeutic area to get a filtered list of tasks.  I currently have to navigate to MO and depend on having the right columns configured in the full task list to be able to search within the right column  Also review tasks in MO have very few columns to search on.

Another suggestion was to allow sorting or grouping on tasks based on the metadata within the task.

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We are discussing hooking up the Task Inbox filter to leverage the same filter that is used for the system wide filter option located in the top right corner in the header of every page.

This would actually then search ALL fields on the task, base and extended attributes.  But we have a few questions on this.

Should it search ALL fields on Activity, Project and Tasks or just on the Task.  If we only do the Task, it would not catch the Requester example you just gave Joe but if we include everything my concern would be it might return too many results as well.  For example, if that Requester user is maybe the Activity Owner on a different Task it would also get found and come back in the results.

But this does provide the most flexibility for searching as it will hit all data.

We can also look at only expanding the search to the fields on the tile, so if you change the fields and add a new one then we add it to the fields we search but that still limits your search to only 4-5 fields.

Last, Kerry, you made the comment "Review Tasks have limit columns".  Want to let you know that we recently updated the My Review Tasks list card on the home page to show all columns as options so please check the column selection options again as you should be able to pick anything you need to see now.

This would be a huge improvement. Now that we have the ability to configure the fields displayed on the Task Inbox tiles, our users are searching within the task inbox for the EA values displayed (specifically Requester). They all assume that since the task tile shows the Requester, they should be able to search for the Requester's name. This is a fair assumption and the fact that the search for Requester returns no results has been a point of frustration. I would expect this same issue to come up with any field displayed on the task tile, not just Requester.