Creative Cloud Connector - use NEW records, not just new file versions on existing records (Validation issue)

Diana Fournier 5 months ago in Integrations / Connectors updated by petra.tant 4 months ago 2

As summarized perfectly by Gerda's 5 steps below, this is the current flow of the Creative Cloud Connector with InDesign.  Our company has a Validation issue on Step 4.  We cannot allow any files (INDD, links like PSDs, etc.) to OVERWRITE existing versions in the DAM.  If we do, it would invalidate our system since now the latest file version on a record is an UNapproved version of the file.  We need the package ingestion to either just add publication-item links (if no file changes were made to a link for example), plus create NEW RECORDS for the INDD and any New or Changed link files.  This is critically important for us before we can consider using the Connector, even though we work with approximately 12,000 INDD packages.

Thank you!


This is the flow:

  1. Upload an existing InDesign package to DAM where the linked images are stored as related files (used in) and the PDF, fonts and idml as additional files to the InDesign file
  2. Check-out the InDesign file via the CC Connector and apply changes
  3. If you save the file an updated package is created:
    1. A new PDF is generated automatically
    2. New images that were not in DAM will be added to the package
  4. When you close and check the InDesign file back in to DAM:
    1. The package will be uploaded as a new version of the InDesign file and all related files
  5. If you select the InDesign file in DAM you can now download the complete up to date package from there

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