In Review

Add Ability to Copy an Activity from Another User in All Work Requests

Christine Mellick 4 months ago in Productivity Management updated 4 months ago 2

Users need the ability to copy another teammates Activity within All Work Requests.  Currently, this ability only exists from the Activity Details page.

In Review

Can you provide the use case here?  A user can copy one of their own past requests, which is then in "draft" and can be reviewed then submitted as a new request.  Do you basically just want the option to do the same for a request someone else made and not just your own?

Or are you expecting this copy to work differently in any way? I assume you want the "requester" information to switch to being the current user doing the copy and not keep the original person as the requester right?  But would everything else be the same?

We need to be able to copy "'another requestors" request keeping all of the original information the same.  Except we would like the "Requestor" name to be switched to the current user.