Ability to filter roles by license types

Bridget Pounsberry 4 months ago updated by Rachel Phillips 2 months ago 7
We would like the ability to filter the attribute by the user license type when reassigning a role in the roles tab. This would help prevent our project coordinators from selecting consumer license type users as reviewers on projects and would reduce the projects from getting stuck at review tasks.

In PM release 123, consumer users will no longer be available for selection on the Roles tab inside an activity or the Role Assignment panel in inbox.

We are currently working on an item that will just filter out all consumer users automatically. This will prevent users from selecting consumer users when they shouldn't be.

In Review

So I assume you are not limiting the selection of choices by role and are simply showing ALL users in the platform?

Sorry I just realized I misunderstood you request.  I thought you were asking about the new "assign roles" option on a task but I think you are actually asking about the main Roles tab on the project?  is that correct?

Yes Eric that is correct just in the main roles tab within the project details.