Ability to move annotations

Bridget Pounsberry 5 months ago in Productivity Management updated by Eric Teitsma 4 months ago 1
We would like the ability to move annotations like the call out feature and note feature when creatives are viewing review files in the annotation viewer. Our creatives want this ability because its hard to sometimes for them to see what needs to be changed because the annotation is in the way. Filtering out would not resolve this issue because our creatives still want the ability to view the annotations the reviewer is calling out. The best resolution is the ability to move the annotations.

The "Hide/Show" options in the annotation viewer are specifically meant to help with this situation.  There are two different options that can be leveraged.  

1) The user can click on the 3dot menu on the annotation and chose "Hide Annotation" and that will hide the annotation from the canvas so they can see what is behind it but then they can "Show Annotation" and have it pop right back.  When the annotation is hiding on the canvas it is still visible in the list on the right so the user can see the comments.

2) There is the global "Hide/Show" option in the toolbar.  The button in light blue shown in the screen shot below toggles the Annotation viewer between two modes.  If you click "Hide" then ALL the annotations will be hidden EXCEPT the currently selected annotation in the right hand list, so this allows the user to click through the list on the right and ONLY the one annotation selected is visible on the canvas.  While they are in "Hide" mode, the user can then specially "Show" individual annotations again by picking to show it in the 3dot menu and that annotation will then stay visible even when it is no longer selected.

I know that these are not your specific request but I think they can be used to meet this use case.  If I want to see what is under the annotation but still see the comments of the annotation, the user should NOT filter out the annotations because then they are gone from the list.  Instead they should Hide the individual annotation, which will remove it from the canvas but it will still be visible in the list on the right so they can still read the comment that was made while looking at the document.

Given these options I do not see us adding any options to move the annotations.

Hopefully this helps!