Project Visibility

Bridget Pounsberry 5 months ago in Productivity Management updated by Rachel Phillips 4 months ago 4
We would like the ability to change the project visibility. One of our use cases is when a requester adds an asset in the work request it is at the activity level with no project visibility. When our users go to copy the project, that asset (which is usually no longer relevant) appears for the new project. This is particularly a problem for our review only workflows where the requester in the Version A project uploaded a main asset in the request form. What we need is the ability to change the project visibility. The only solution would be to create a new activity that would break our current business process and validation.

This feature will release with PM release 120. A help article titled "Sharing Aprimo DAM Assets across projects" will provide more detailed information about the capabilities of this feature.

The ability to share is connected to a new domain right - 'Activity Assets, Admin'

Thank you Eric for that information. Our business partners will be extremely happy about this feature!

In Progress

This is already a feature in development.  Details on this feature are included in the Product Update presentation located on https://www.aprimoproduct.com webpage.

This feature should release in late May or June.