Display Projects of a Project Manager and show current Task step of each Project

Meng Wang 5 months ago in Productivity Management updated by Eric Teitsma 4 months ago 1

We are wondering if there's a way for us to get a dashboard of all the Projects that belong to a certain Project Manager (NOT an Activity Project Manager) and also show the current Task step belonging to each task? Such as you can see in the screenshot - it's close but we can not filter by Project Manager but instead found Activity Project Manager.task step of projects.png


So I think that in your system the "Activity Administrator" field was renamed to be called the "Activity Project Manager" field.

But you are correct, it appears that the Project Manager is not a column that is available to group by on the master level Task List page.  We can check into the option to add that field.

This could also be managed by creating a report but I understand that is less desirable since the report would be static and would not allow the user to drill into the specific tasks from there.