<<Activity Request Submitter>> to be replaced with an actual user

Bridget Pounsberry 5 months ago in Productivity Management updated 5 months ago 1

The user place holder <<Activity Request Submitter>> is not replaced by an actual user in our case the requestor of the project. When you click under the user who is assigned to the role under the Roles tab of the project the user assigned is <<Activity Request Submitter>>

This still occurs even after you set up a team and assign a user to the role like <<Activity Owner>> which the system should replace at the time the team is assigned to a project and the workflow is configured to assign that specific team along with the ability to change the role/user assigned.

We would like the ability for place holders like <<Activity Owner>> to be replaced with an actual user. This would help our PCs see who the requestor on the project easier and on who the requestor is in the role assignment section.

<<activity request submitter>> does not show within the Role section on our Project Coordinator tasks. As a result, it is not evident that defaulted that way and it forces Project Coordinators to perform extra steps outside of this task to navigate to the Project – Roles tab and make the revision.


  1. We have several instances where an individual submits the MRM requester on behalf of the actual requester.
  2. The Marketing team copies an existing activity to version up an asset and we are not the “requester”.


  1. Any requester assigned task will get triggered to whoever is listed in the Requester role. Thus, extra tasks are being triggered to the requester submitter instead of the requester. [Due to the lack of visibility in the Project Coordinator task].
  2. <<activity request submitter>> does not have the name of the person. This forces someone to do the activity level and/or task worksheet to identify who that person is. Additionally, this value shows up as a blank value in reporting. Thus, it has no value left as is. It has always been our business process to update it.