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Update language on My Uploads page - Assets are DRAFT

laura.patterson 4 months ago in Digital Asset Management updated by petra.tant 3 months ago 4

I think it would be incredibly useful to have a line or two under the ‘My uploads’ text about assets on this page being Draft only, similar to what is written in the help page:

Uploaded files are automatically saved into draft records. The draft records in the My uploads list are only visible to you but are not yet available in Aprimo DAM for other users to see or edit. You first have to edit their field values and link them to one or more classifications.

You can edit records and make them available to other users in bulk or one at a time.

I have so many users that even though I provide ample user guides and instructions, fail to realize that until they actually edit files on this page, no one can see their assets.

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Drilling a bit more into this with Laura, I understand that it is mainly the mandatory fields and field validation experience which is difficult for the users to comprehend. Since we are in the process of redesigning the my uploads experience while moving this in the new UI, I will put this in progress.

Petra, that sounds great! We solved this with adding a classification called Draft that is only visible to editors. That way they can set a record online and already have the URL which they need again to prepare communications material.

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Hi Laura,

We are currently working on the redesign of myuploads for the new UI and planned to steer away from the limitation that draft records would only be available to the user who uploaded. They would still be draft records and not included in search results by default. So one could have draft records in the DAM and use filtering or search options to surface them or not. Feel free to comment on our design change.