DAM product: Button to get to the screen to edit trimmed videos

Kevin B 5 months ago updated by petra.tant 5 months ago 1

When you go to Edit in Assets, there is no way to get to the editing of the trimmed videos. You have to remove "edit" from the end of the URL and then go to the Administrative mode to get there.  This isn't intuitive at all.  I had to ask Joris how to get to the edit screen for the trimmed videos, because I couldn't find a button anywhere to get me there from Assets.


Trimming of videos is functionality we've built for the content workspace (new DAM UI). We will not be adding functionality for Assets, therefore this voice request is being rejected. Looking at it from the new DAM UI, what functionality are you missing? what are you trying to edit? are you trying to rename the clip? delete the clip? what are you missing?

Please make a voice request related to the use case you are trying to do which you can't do on the new UI, or vote if there is already a use case on voice which matches your need.