Ability to Cascade a Public Filter to Users

Christine Mellick 5 months ago in Productivity Management updated by Liz Guzman 4 months ago 2

We have created a public filter/view for our users to "filter out" System tasks from their view while in the Task List.  This public filter will then only show "people owned" tasks (Auto-close = No & On Execuption Path = Yes).

We provide a New User guide to new users where this is one of the steps that they must do when orienting themselves to Aprimo.  For some reason, we have been seeing this public filter be removed for all of our users multiple times over the last few months and we have to each continue to reset the view (myself included as an Admin).

It may be associated to when releases are happening, if an enhancement is released that touches a filter/view, it is wiping out what we have set.  Because of this I would like to have the ability to mass set this public view for all my users, when I see this occurring.

This would be very helpful for our admins as well!

To be clear on the ask here:  We would like the ability (as Admins) to cascade out a Public Filter to our Users or set it as the default.